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About Willow Sibert

Willow Sibert always says that her life is a blend of business and spirit and that she firmly walks in both worlds. Raised in California in the Bay Area, she’s always been involved in training and teaching. Willow worked for Apple Computer for nearly 14 years and was the national training manager for customer service.

As a third generation psychic (don’t let that scare you - she doesn’t read minds and her crystal ball is safely tucked away!), Willow uses the tools of intuition, affirmations, guided imagery, meditation and hypnosis to help her and her clients get past anything that stops them from being all that they can be. She firmly believes that you are always spiritually connected, no matter what that means to you.

During a span of 30 years she dabbled in several network marketing companies - never taking any of them seriously. As a life coach, 75% of all her clients are involved in at least one network marketing company. She always said, “if I find a company that knocks my socks off and that I totally believe in, I’ll join.” She finally found one this year that "knocked her socks off" and is enjoying the fun, success and prosperity from her newest passion.


Willow Sibert Stellar Business WomanWillow Sibert, hypnotherapist, coach




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stel-lar, adjective

Of, relating to, or consisiting of stars.
Of relating to a star performer.
Outstanding; principal.
Like a star, as in brilliance, shape, etc.
Pertaining to a preeminent performer, athlete, etc.